Triactive Media started as your typical consulting company. We were a "responsive" company. As in, customers had a request, and we would respond to it. That way of thinking worked, but as we took more customers we started to realize something: everyone had the same requests. The issues on their B2BSeller site, were the issues every B2BSeller site was having. There had to be a smarter way to help our clients.

As we learned more about the needs of our customer base, we started to productize our service offering. We could deliver faster, change more and make it all in a way that is updatable. But we never lost the initial idea of always being there for our customers, hearing out any issue they had. Quite the opposite, this change meant we could react much more quickly to their needs.

" Our mission is to be your partner for anything Prophet 21 and eCommerce. "

Today, Triactive Media is a quasi-software company. We have tailored-made solutions based off years of experience from hearing the needs of our B2BSeller customers. We've seen it all -- and we have a solution for it all. In short, our mission is to be your partner for anything Prophet 21 and eCommerce. We're not just designers -- we're B2BSeller experts. We want to be there for our customers, and no matter what, we are always available for them.

Looking towards the future, we are still being introspective and looking at how we can restructure ourselves. This focus will allow us to accelerate safely as we grow as a company. As we grow, we hope to give an even better quality of service than what we already provide.

" We speak human. "

Communication is integral to how we operate at Triactive Media. We're US-based and all in-house, and plan to stay that way. By being in one place, we can truly work together and help one another out. We're dedicated to collaboration, both amongst ourselves and with people we work with. We speak human. Customers have access to anyone in our company. When you call us, you're talking to the people who do the work and not someone disjointed from you and your concerns.

We're Microsoft people. We work in the same system and with the same programs that you do. This shared environment allows us to fully understand how our customers work, and it separates us from the competition.

But there is something bigger that makes us stand out from the rest : We live distribution. We understand Prophet 21, B2BSeller and in general how eCommerce companies operate in a way other web service companies can't match. When it comes to working with B2BSeller, we the experts. But more importantly, when it comes to helping our customers we are the experts.


Triactive Media is, first and foremost, a company dedicated to the customer. As such, we have perfected our skills to meet whatever demands come at us. Our primary areas of expertise are:

Web Design / Development of B2BSeller

With our knowledge of B2BSeller, we turn your site's design into something to be proud of.

Total Site Overhauls

When we get under the hood of your site we can fix, upgrade or modify anything you could possibly need.

Functionality Improvements

Our extensive plugins suite has expertly-crafted enhancements that significantly improve B2BSeller sites.


Even after the initial work is done, we will continue to help your site in any way we can. We're just a phone call or e-mail away.

Almost as important as what we do to help, though, is who we are helping. We specialize in the small- to medium-sized distributors. From 3-person shops to companies with almost 700 locations, we are equipped to help customers of nearly any size. Our core services allow us to be this flexible with our clientele. We can provide the personal, one-on-one help you need without sacrificing the scope, size and quality of the work we do.

We've also worked with all positions in a company, from CEOs to Project Managers. Knowing how to communicate with our customers is a core tenet of ours, and we understand how to work with different levels of administration to get things done.


B2BSeller is a great B2B platform, but it is missing great B2C functionality. Companies want both, and feel like their options are only to leave B2BSeller which isn't true. Due to the fact that B2BSeller is on a .net platform, it is malleable in a way that allows for extensive customization unlike many other closed-source solutions. The exception is Magento, which also has this kind of freedom since it is open source. But, that solution is lacking in B2B Prophet 21 functionality right now. So, a company's options are:

  • Stay with B2BSeller, and update it to support more B2C functionality via Triactive Media.
  • Go with Magento, but have to wait until Epicor more fully builds out its B2B functionality.
  • Go with a different solution, and risk extensibility bottlenecks.
  • Go with an in-house solution, but have to spend a lot of money and resources to do so.

Customers who have B2BSeller can, with Triactive Media, add the B2C functionality they were looking for with our-already existing solutions. This would be at a reduced cost of money and time compared to switching to a whole new platform. Our customers depend on us to meet their B2C eCommerce requirements, and the reason why they stay with B2BSeller is because our solutions have always met their needs.




Employees (FTE)





Small to medium sized distributors using Epicor Prophet 21 ERP and Epicor B2BSeller eCommerce application


eCommerce strategy, development, content management and SEO

Key Differentiators

  • Industry-leading experience in supply chain management and eCommerce development
  • Inherent knowledge of Epicor Prophet 21 and Epicor B2BSeller software
  • Young emerging company dedicated to setting a new standard in customer service and support in the web development and IT sector

Technical Stack

  • .NET Framework: C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, LINQ
  • Databases: MS SQL Server
  • Frontend/Design: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Node.js
  • Software/Utilities: B2BSeller, Epicor Prophet 21, MS Visual Studio
  • Cloud Services: Azure, Amazon Web Services
  • Servers: Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache

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